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Silly Araxie Selfies lol


Silly Araxie Selfies lol


I had fun last night. What about you?


One of the joys of being kinky is taking a social norm and breaking it. I have been interested in “race” play and would really enjoy finding a black lil girl to own. To treat as the lil slave she wants to be. To have a nice phat black ass to flog and whip; watching her cream herself as I do it. 


Ice play! The incredible ice dildo.

From the first time I saw an ice dildo a couple of years ago I’ve been wanting to try one. Thanks to my “down for whatever” owner, this thing happened!

Clockwise and from the top:

Dear Sir holding the dripping ice dildo, end melting, condom still attached.

Making the dildo: cheap condom, scissors, empty toilet paper roll, Ace bandage, water. Ignore the container of hair gel — it was just a red herring. :)

The finished product! [1] Still wrapped in the condom. [2] Freshly unwrapped and already dripping. // Note: this was only after about 6 hours of freezer time. With more time, it wouldn’t have dripped quite this fast.

Ice on ice! Umm… who put the melting dildo on ice? Ice, not glass! If it’s melting & watery, placing it on solid ice will cause it to bond together with the ice. The only way to get it out is to chisel it & deform it completely!

Sooo… on to making dildo #2! Cheap condom, empty toilet paper roll, clear tape (I found the tape to be easier to handle than the Ace bandage), water. This one stayed in the freezer for almost a whole day.

The ice dildo in use…. Sir’s skilled ice-inserting hands. lol…

Trying to warm my poor iced clit by any means necessary, including grabbing and clawing.

The quickly deforming dildo and the puddle of water it formed under me.


How did it feel?
That ice felt like ICE FIRE! It hurt so good and I whined so much. (And Sir, I saw the pics of you putting the bulb end in…You’re evil!)

Would you do it again?
Absolutely! Add this to the list of kinky fuckery for the adventurous sadist & willing masochist. ;)

Any tips?
[1] Have a nice large waterproof liner. [2] Get it wet before using it (with WATER) else you could have a “tongue stuck to the frozen flag pole” situation going on.

How do you make it?
Check YT for videos and instructions. :)

See the "guess what I’m doing" post here. No one got it right, but there were some good guesses!

"not sure, please indulge"
"DIY fleshlight"
"I can’t guess"
"Making a pocket pussy Or trying something really kinky"
"some type of chastity cage?"
"plaster casting a cock/home made dildo. Duh."
"I’m at a loss."


Beautiful Latina Sophia Fiore ❤️


Sweet Black Pink 😽


Sexy Slim 😋


Sexy Slim 😋


Freaky Yoga 😈